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Robert Baehr


    Lotusphere 2014 Registration Opens WIth Little Fanfare from IBM

    Robert Baehr  September 9 2013 06:16:16 PM

    In case you missed the "lack of announcement", IBM Connect / Lotusphere ("Lotusphere") registration is now open!

    As an fairly regular attendee, I was surprised that I had to find out about this, not from an email, not from a blog - but from a Notes/Domino associate on Facebook - the very technology that IBM is proclaiming as the future of business.

    Like many, I remember the day when Lotusphere was THE technical event of the industry - waiting patiently on the opening day of conference pass sales, phone/fax/web browser at the center of attention, praying to get a seat at the hottest technical conference in the land.

    I am going - conference pass purchased, hotel reservations made, and, airline booked.  I am hopeful that the conference will be the Notes/Domino geek fest that it is meant to be, and that the platform does not get lost in the rest of the world that is IBM!

    N'uff said!

    Robert Baehr
    The Unofficial Poster Child For Notes and Domino!