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    Ah, Chinatown

    Robert Baehr  February 20 2017 04:21:45 PM

    Well, given that breakfast was $35 per person at the hotel (Intercontinental, San Francisco), my wife and I decided to take a visit to Chinatown.  Yes, was a little rainy, but the trip was worth it.

    We arrived at Chinatown:

    Image:Ah, Chinatown

    Then, we did some shopping.  Note:  "Lotus" is alive and well in San Francisco:

    Image:Ah, Chinatown

    We then ate lunch at "Dim Sum", a Chinese restaurant.   Note:   If you're in San Francisco, this place is highly recommended.....

    Image:Ah, Chinatown

    And finally, after we ate and did more shopping, I ran into this guy!  No, he won't make me any younger.   He said that if that were to happen, I'd have the mental state of a fetus.

    Image:Ah, Chinatown

    Time to go check in to IBM Connect 2017!    More from the show later!

    Bob Baehr