The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino (or whatever IBM calls it)


Robert Baehr


    Damn, I love Domino.....

    Robert Baehr  December 26 2013 02:42:46 PM

    I am hoping that my assertion about Domino is not premature, but if you have any experience with this platform, you just HAVE to love it!

    This morning, I brought three servers to the latest release of Domino 9, including one that is now running Traveler 9!   The only issue I encountered is that the Domino service would not start after the initial install on one of the servers.    A quick search of IBM support advised that the service parameters may not have upgraded correctly.   So, I re-ran the setup program, let it complete, and presto -- worked like a champ.

    The other two Domino servers did not experience this problem.

    Then, the update to Traveler was installed, and again - no problems experienced.   In fact, my Smartphone told me that a Traveler update was available.  I installed it without hesitation, or problems.

    As an added bonus, we have a Sametime server that MUST remain on 8.5.3 (for the short term), so I modified that SAMETIME.INI, adding 1299 to the allowed Sametime client versions parameter.   From my Notes 9.0.1 client, I successfully connected to Sametime without any problems.

    I know - Domino has never really been that big of a challenge to upgrade, IF you follow the 'rules'.    As of now, I would say that Domino 9 keeps that tradition alive and well!

    Now - the wanting game - let users pound on it, the agent manager process a zillion or so agents, and..... hope for the best!

    Back to the holidays!

    Bob Baehr