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Robert Baehr


    The Time Has Come - Upgrading To Domino 9.x and Traveler 9.x

    Robert Baehr  December 23 2013 07:26:51 AM

    I am planning an upgrade of our Domino environment to 9.x, including Traveler, for the day after Christmas.    Once done, the clients will be upgraded to IBM Notes SE 9.x after the new year.   I am excited to have the (down)time needed to perform this, what I see, great leap from 8.5.3.

    Having done some research, I cannot seem to find any "side effects" of the upgrade.   Not that I expected to, but, I could not locate anything of concern.   If you have any tips, gotchas, warnings, and/or disaster stories to share, I'd appreciate anything you can offer to make the upgrade to 9 as productive as possible.

    And... Merry Christmas to all!

    Bob Baehr